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Hi There!

If you have clicked through to this page it’s because you are curious. Maybe about me, what this idea and concept is all about and just what exactly I plan to accomplish?

My name is Ashley. I am a Mamma of two, a wife, animal lover, outdoor enthusiast, with a passion for life.   I wholeheartedly believe the best version of myself is one that is equal parts dedicated to all components that make me happiest. All that to say; I am a new entrepreneur with life experiences that have led me to exactly where I am today. My belief system is founded in positivity, an amazing support system, hard work, dedication and a sprinkle of day dreaming; in no particular order. : - )

Let’s rewind to January 2016 when I was on my maternity leave with second baby. I got a phone call from work letting me know that our corporate office was moving from Markham to Toronto. When I returned to work the expectation would be that I would commute to Toronto from Newmarket. No big deal, people do it every single day. Little did I know then but the seed for Errand Wizards was planted.


I returned to work during the Summer of 2016. I was fortunate to have a thriving career for a brand that I loved. To some people I had what you would consider a dream job, a place and a position in Marketing with a brand that some would consider to be perfect. I was working with people who I admired and had learned so much from. What was the issue?


For us having two people within a family structure with demanding corporate jobs, long commutes and work travel equaled a life in which we were never living in the moment. We valued family time, being with our kids but also friends and family. We were struggling to find the time to enjoy the life we were working so hard to have.


We were desperate to find more balance and decided that something needed to give. Determined to find a solution we enlisted a variety of different services to help us get back the time in our day. Having these services proved to be a challenge in itself; it was more that we were balancing and organizing, in some cases a little bit of duplication. Amongst all the planning for family, life and work we were also now planning all my extra help for our home, pets and kids. It added to my being overwhelmed and wished a service existed that incorporated all the help I needed, when I needed it and could come from one place. A home concierge, a personal assistant and errand runner all wrapped into one! That was when I realized I wanted to start Errand Wizards.

At risk of sounding cheesy it was born out of that moment when I wished there was a “magic” way my TO DO list could just get done. I realized that the service I needed could be turned into a passion for a business that could help other very busy people get back that precious time in their day. It would help people and their stress level and most importantly get back the time they needed to do what mattered most in their lives.


Leaving my career was not an easy decision but knowing that I am starting something that can provide balance for my family all while helping others accomplish the same is a very rewarding feeling. June 29th 2017 was my last day at my corporate job. It was also the first day I put pen to paper on what exactly Errand Wizards would be. The kind of personal bespoke service I could offer and the business I would dream of launching to help others get back exactly what I just did. Balance.


With my own brand, a tool box filled with learned skills, eagerness and excitement I am off on this new adventure… “The Biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams” -Oprah Winfrey 


Thankful, excited and a little scared.





Errand Wizards

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